Where to Stay on Lanzarote

Where to Stay on Lanzarote

This post is geared towards location-independent people like yourself – people who can work from anywhere because all they need is a Wi-Fi connection. As we have explained in an earlier blogpost, there are a lot of reasons to work from Lanzarote. But now that you’ve got your flights sorted, where should you stay on the island?

First of all, there is no coliving space on Lanzarote (yet). We recognise the island's potential for extended digital nomad stays, but we're taking things step by step, the first of which was opening a coworking space. Various location-independent professionals have asked us about coliving options on Lanzarote, though!

Below you can find short descriptions of the island's towns and resorts, including some suggestions on where to stay. If you're here mainly to get your work done and won't be renting a car, you may want to stay as close to the coworking space as possible: in Arrecife.


If you need a fast, stable internet connection and a decent work space, why not come join us at Lanzarote Coworking? We are the first and only coworking space on the island, right by El Reducto Beach in the capital of Arrecife. You’ll meet other people just like you, who escape the cold up north, as well as local freelancers and entrepreneurs. If you’re lucky (or if you stay long enough), you’ll be here for one of our lively, after-hours Cerveza Tech Chats that bring even more internet pros to the office. A great opportunity to make friends and build business connections.

As for where to stay in Arrecife: anywhere south of the Rambla Medular is close to our office, especially if you rent a bike to get around. On the budget end of the scale, Pensión Cardona is a good choice with € 20 single rooms and € 30 double rooms. The Wi-Fi is reportedly fast, too. It is close to the beach, the restaurants on the promenade, and the coworking space.

A photo of Pensión San Gines taken by our coworker Rudy during his stay. Pensión San Ginés (pictured on the right) is a little farther away, but is ideally situated for those who like to be in the hustle and bustle of the Calle Real shops and the terraces around Charco de San Ginés. It has € 20 single rooms and € 28 double rooms, both with a shared –albeit somewhat grubby– bathroom.

If your budget is a little higher, check out the 3-star hotels that are practically nextdoor to your favourite office: Hotel Lancelot has a rooftop pool and double rooms from € 67, while Hotel Diamar charges € 47 and upwards for a double, but has a slightly better breakfast buffet.

If it’s luxury you’re after, the Arrecife Gran Hotel’s 5 stars will ensure you comfort, spectacular 360-degree views, and a lovely spa. We haven’t stayed there personally, but we like to take the elevator up to the 17th floor from time to time. From the Star City cafe there are breathtaking views of the beach, of Arrecife, and the rest of the island.

Playa Blanca

On the southwestern tip of the island is Playa Blanca, a tourist resort with ferry connections to Fuerteventura. A short, bumpy drive from the big all-inclusive hotels are the beaches of Papagayo, which are considered by many people the best on the island. This town is great for families and pensioners, with a wide range of luxury hotels and villas. Playa Blanca is about a 45 minutes' drive from Arrecife, which makes it a little too isolated if you want to pop into the office every day.

Puerto del Carmen

Developed for the infamous 1970s package holidays, Puerto del Carmen still manages to attract –mainly– Brits. Granted, it does have wonderful beaches, but it is a little too touristy to our liking. You could make this your base if you’re planning on exploring the island. There are heaps of apartments and hotel rooms on offer and some of the restaurants even seduce the locals: La Taberna de Nino, for example.

Costa Teguise

Calmer and better laid-out than the other two resort towns, Costa Teguise attracts mainly families and seniors. It is about a 10-minute drive to Arrecife and would also make a good base for trips around the island. There are some good deals to be had on apartments with a pool and most are walking distance from the beach. If it’s coffee, cakes and/or croissants that get you going in the morning, they are all amazing at The Cake Shop.


If it’s surf you’re after, Famara is the place to be. It happens to have what we consider the most beautiful beach on Lanzarote, flanked by steep cliffs and overlooking the islets of the Chinijo archipelago. Accommodation is still in short supply, and there are only a handful of bars and restaurants in town.

One of our coworkers stayed in Hostel Surfkitelanzarote, which is simple, hostel-type accommodation with communal areas. The house has € 15 a night bunk beds and there is a private room too. The wifi signal is reportedly bad since it comes from the neighbours’, but the good vibes from fellow surfers and the friendly price make up for this.